Who Else Wants More Luck?

by Tim Francis on April 24, 2012

I’ve already had two lucky breaks this year, and I’d like you to enjoy some extra luck too.  And – good news – I think there is something you can do to improve how lucky you are.

First of all, let’s talk about what kind of luck…

Winning the Lottery:
one in 13,983,816

I suppose that you were hoping I would talk about “lottery-winner” luck didn’t you?  So sorry to disappoint.  Actually I’m not sorry, and This is Why:

Most battles are won or lost long before the first stone is cast.  Any battle that has a one in 13,983,816 chance of winning isn’t worth fighting!  Goodness gracious, winning in business where your odds are 1 in 5 (to beat your 5 main rivals) is already hard enough.  Why attempt 1 in 14 million?

The lottery odds I’m referring to is for the Lotto 6/49 here in Canada.  According to the CBC, the odds to win the 6/49 are so bad that you’re literally have a better chance of dying from a poisonous snake or lizard bite (one in 1,241,661).

What about the bigger lotteries such as Lotto Max?  Even worse.  In fact, for your 5 bucks you’ve got a one in 28,633,528 chance of winning.  Those odds are so bad that you’re more likely to:

  • Be killed in a terrorist attack while travelling (1 in 650,000).
  • Die of flesh-eating disease (1 in one million).
  • Be killed by lightning (1 in 56,439).

And the absolute kicker: you are 300% more likely to be killed driving to buy the ticket (travelling 16 kilometers) in a traffic accident than winning the jackpot.

I must thank the CBC for such a rollicking bit of reporting!  Oh – and the CBC notes that if you want to dramatically increase your odds of winning THE BIG ONE, you could buy 50 tickets per week.  Then your odds of winning would skyrocket to…

Once in 5,000 years!

Is that really the kind of battle you want to wage? …with your precious time, energy, and oh-so-hard-earned MONEY?  I don’t think so.  So let’s talk about a different kind of luck…

Let’s talk about the kind of luck where some business owners seem to “catch a break”, actresses and athletes seem to meet the right scout or agent at the right time…. that kind of thing.

And no, I’m not going to get into the Law of Attraction or The Secret or any of that pop culture nose-candy.  At least not in the way you think.  Whether you buy that stuff or not, what I’m about to share will work regardless of your beliefs.

Here’s what I mean.  My two “strokes of luck” from earlier this year are perfect examples of…

When Preparation
Meets Opportunity

In my first stroke of luck, I was in heavy-duty thinking mode.  Some really important and profound marketing insights were flooding my mind.

The kind of “a-ha” stuff where the pieces of the proverbial puzzle fall into place to complete a stunning picture.  The kind of realizations that can’t be taught or bought in a textbook – they must be heard-learned and earned.

The result?  A marketing diagram I created called The Marketing Waterwheel.  It’s the collection of all of my Marketing education and experience (so far!), intricately and carefully pieced together into one single drawing.  In fact, it’s good enough to help any entrepreneur to build a million-dollar business just by following it’s lessons.  I am in the process of doing exactly that… for myself and my clients (some are already there).

After 6.5 hours of building and refining the Marketing Waterwheel, I sat back and knew that I had a truly important piece of work staring back at me.  The kind of defining work that you share when someone says: “So, what’s your business philosophy all about?” and you simply give them a website link because there’s no better and more complete way to explain yourself.

You Can’t Predict When
Opportunity Will Knock,
But You Choose
How Prepared You Are When it Comes

Now I could have stopped there, satisfied with the Marketing Waterwheel knowing it was sorted out in my mind and my heart.  This new-found clarity alone would help me tremendously in my marketing projects.  But it was just so good that I had a very distinct feeling that I would be sharing this model over and over again in my career as an entrepreneur and marketer.

So I invested another 5 hours into creating a 41-min video presentation and explanation of the Marketing Waterwheel (it’s on YouTube right here).  I just had a hunch that I would be sharing this diagram with potential clients, students, and casual followers of Tim Francis Marketing, for months and years to come.

And wouldn’t you know it?  Three days after I completed the video, I had a surprise opportunity cross my desk.  A big project that caused me to sit up straight in my chair, my pupils dilating at the opportunity.  If I could just show them what Tim Francis Marketing was all about, in a really succinct-yet-complete way, then I might have a shot at landing the contract…

Enter the Marketing Waterwheel

As you probably guessed, the ink had barely dried on my initial Marketing Waterwheel diagrams, the finished video had just finished uploading and – shazaam! – the link to the Marketing Waterwheel presentation went out the door.  As in – literally within 72 hours of completing it.  One single link in an email, and the presentation did the rest.  No fumbling or bumbling.   Just clear, pro, and complete.

Black Magic and
Spooky Stuff

So I was very “lucky” because I was prepared when opportunity knocked.  What made that opportunity knock in the first place?

This is where we could get into the whole “Law of Attraction” debate – which I won’t.  I absolutely won’t.  “Why?” you ask?

If “Law of Attraction” lovers studied (and must I add… implemented) more direct response marketing they would “attract” much more into their lives.  Namely money and the options that come along with it.

Enough of that.  I will simply wrap this point up by saying that by preparing yourself for a big pay-day, promotion, contract, client, etc., tells the world (dare I say “The Universe?”) that you’re ready to play at that level.  Build the pool and The Universe will fill it.

Oh wait – I should probably be more specific to avoid confusion….

When You’ve Got the Wrong Strategy
You Will Fail 100% of the Time!

Visualizing your goal alone is not enough.  “Build it and they will come” is equally flawed.  The marketing graveyard is overflowing (into visitor parking) with infinite products that were “built,” but no one ever came.  Face the music – It’s time to Wake Up!

Visualizing without action, a product without effective marketing, are both the same as walking East to find a sunset.  You could try going faster by jumping in a car, and faster again by climbing into a plane, heck you could sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet (full blast!), yet still never find the sunset.  EVER.  The sun just doesn’t ever set in the East!

Yet if you simply turn around – even if you’re only walking – you will see a sunset sooner or later now that you’re facing West.  That is how important a good strategy is.

Elements of

Do this:


  • Wisely Choose Your #1 Priority: You cannot serve two masters (you would go insane).  You must choose one, single, #1 priority.  And make that priority TO SELL.  Do not cower away.  You are here to sell your widget, your service, your charity, your political party, whatever.  And do not apologize for it!  Obviously don’t be rude, disrespectful, dishonest, unlawful, or unethical.  But also don’t be weak, timid, passive and/or quiet.  Hesitate and you’ll be roadkill, dazed and wondering what just happened.  (Not to mention starving and cold!  Having your utilities turned off will do that to you.)


  • Caveman Marketing: If someone pitches you some new fandangled way of marketing or making money, RUN.  Humans don’t buy because of social media, video, internet marketing, SEO, the latest “business opportunity”, or anything like that.  That is the biggest steaming pile of crap on the marketing scene today.  People buy because of greed, lust, envy, joy, happiness, connection, freedom.  Social Media (et al.)  is just a tool to communicate that.  The former is a TOOL.  The latter is a PRINCIPLE.  And don’t ever confuse the two.


  • Study Copy – It’s the Basis of All Marketing: A print Ad, Google Ad, Script of a Video, Text of a Tweet… it’s all copywriting.  If you’re new to the term, copywriting is the writing of copy (I’m not talking about patents or intellectual property law or anything like that).  Learn the basics of good Copywriting – whether you end up contracting a writer or not, when you can spot good copy, you’re in the driver’s seat.  Personally I recommend John Carlton’s Simple Writing System combined with his Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets course.  I’ve done both, and keep going back to them over and over again for reference.  The audio CDs play non-stop in my car, over and over again so I can flood my brain with the amazing material.


  • You Can’t Afford to Ignore Direct Response Marketing: Learn the skills of DRM, and how it differs from Big Business “Branding” advertising.  In a flash you’ll realize why you’ll be out of business in a heartbeat if you try to mimic the latter instead of committing to the former.


  • Devour the Classics: Be absolutely certain to devour timeless texts such as: Scientific Advertising (Hopkins, 1923), Tested Advertising Methods (Caples, 1932), How to Write a Good Advertisement (Schwab, 1962)…to name a few.


  • Study the Descendents: Examine the work of modern-day DRM disciples: Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, to name a few.  One day I dream of having my name mentioned in the same sentence as these guys.  Perry Marshall is awesome for Adwords and email marketing – plus a super down-to-earth guy.  I’m super lucky to have chatted with him on a handful of occasions.  (see his testimonial of me in the sidebar—>)


  • Get to WORK using solid DR marketing strategies (not get-rich-quick BS) – put your skills to practice, even if you do it for free and/or inefficiently in the beginning (get experience, just build a track record!).  May take you some hard hours, but it will pay off exponentially.  Don’t question this one.  Just do it.  Get started.  And do it consistently.  Then send me a thank-you letter after six months.  Tell me how much this transformed your business.


  • Then get to MORE WORK, furthering your experience and falling on your face and getting up as fast as you can.  You’ll look back and realize it didn’t take that much failing to find marketing success.  This stuff has it’s ins and outs – YES – but it isn’t rocket science, and it’s all definitely learn-able.


  • If you want money, stop asking broke people how to make it (including struggling friends and family).  Find someone who has already done what you want to do. Listen to them.  Block out everyone else on this topic.


  • If you want to be fit and healthy, stop asking overweight and/or sick people how to get there (including somewhat rolly-polly friends and family).  Find someone who has already done what you want to do.  Listen to them.  Block out everyone else on this topic.


  • If you want healthy relationships, ask people who are outstanding listeners and conscious thinkers and feelers.  Block out everyone else on this topic.


  • Get to EVEN MORE WORK – implement, implement, implement.  Learn on the fly.  I once learned a technique in a book, and 6 minutes later implemented it over the phone with a client (my friend Peter was in the room and witnessed the whole thing go down).  Do not wait.  JUST.  MOBILIZE.  NOW!!!!  Making an effort and overcoming fear is the #1 killer.  Just get started, then review the results, refine, and mobilize all over again. GO GO GO!!!!!


  • Continue Reading this Blog: you and I are here for the same reason – to make money.  Not to win graphic design awards or please irrelevant people.  I’ve posted multiple articles just in the last few weeks.  Have you read them all?

It’s a Two-Way Street:
Luck WILL Find You
& You WILL Find Luck

If you did a measeley 25% of the items I’ve outlined above, do you think you’d be in a different stratosphere of business acumen?  Do you think that you would be better equipped to respond when opportunity does knock on your door?  Halbert, Kennedy, and Carlton alone have helped sell hundreds of millions of dollars of stuff.  Actually probably more like Billions.  Ever heard of Proactiv Skin Care?  Bingo.  And that’s just a pebble of sand in the combined portfolio of these world-renowned rockstar marketers.

Heck, if you were looking at the world through that lens, you would actually have two unfair advantages, not just one:

  1. sure as hell you’d be ready when that phone rang.  You would be ready for luck (opportunity!) when it finds you.  Which may or may not happen… now or later.  Either way, you’ll know that you’re not leaving easy money on the table if someone does approach you.
  2. you would literally be seeing opportunities where other people are totally oblivious.  It’s like marketing night-vision goggles when everyone else is stumbling around blind.  Maybe others are dazzled by the latest iPad.  But the architects and designers at Apple aren’t.  They understand what weaves the magic – they put the damn thing together over thousands of laborious hours so that it fits just right.  In this sense, you aren’t waiting for “luck” to find you.  Nope.  You’re you’re learning to detect it, then chasing that thing down with an uzi and enough rounds to make General Patton’s heart race.

Now it’s your turn.  Understand to weave marketing magic and get to work.  Make your own Luck.  And if it chooses to knock in the meantime, you’ll be perfectly positioned to profit, no dollar left behind.

Onwards and Upwards,


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