USP – Unique Selling Proposition Example

by Tim Francis on November 7, 2013

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most important words in ALL of marketing.  For small businesses this can literally change your fortunes forever.

This ONE word affects the core of your business – potentially altering your USP at it’s very core.  I’ll share what this magic word is, as well as give you a Unique Selling Proposition Example.

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Unique Selling Proposition Definition

USP is all about being DIFFERENT and SUPERIOR.

The smaller your business, the more your USP needs to be tightly defined to your company. As businesses grow and have multiple product lines, they now need a USP for each product.

Funny – yet telling – example is Unilever… they own both Dove and Axe.

Dove brands itself as “Real Beauty” and encourages moms to protect their daughters against the unrealistic expectations sold by the beauty industry.

Then (figuratively) in the studio next door, Unilever is filming some average-looking dude getting swarmed by 48 bikini models because he used Axe body wash.

Oh Unilever – YOU are a beauty!

Unique Selling Proposition Example

3 years ago I created my first online product. It suffered.

It was an online course on how to create marketing videos in under 60 minutes with less than $500 of equipment.

Not too bad, hey? I thought it was a winner – I had experience from hosting a nationally-televised show so I had on-screen credibility, and I had also created marketing videos for a few real estate projects (including my own). These videos had been effective in bringing in a decent amount of cash for me, so – again – I had credibility.

The problem came when I wanted to write a sales letter and buy some advertising. Here’s what I mean:

Without “For”

– an online course on how to create marketing videos for your business in under 60 minutes with less than $500 of equipment.

– create videos quickly – under 60 mins
– create videos inexpensively – less than $500 of equipment
– be more persuasive because now you have videos
– create a stronger connection with your viewers because they can see you.

Testimonials / Case Studies:
– Tim’s course was really easy to understand
– Tim’s course was really helpful – I got my first 3 videos done the first week!
– Tim showed me some great tricks – he’s such a ninja

– If your second video takes more than 60 mins, let me know and I’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked

– extra course on how to create nifty intro bumps to make your vids look more pro

…at first glance, not too bad.  But watch what happens when we add our magic word, “For”:

With “For”

– an online course on how to create marketing videos FOR real estate investors.

– automatically raise more money
– close deals with investors more quickly – fewer coffee meetings
– get up to 9x more calls on your rental ads on Kijiji, Craigslist, and anywhere else online you promote your properties – potential tenants LOVE video tours!
– save tons of time by weeding out tire kickers – make them watch your video FIRST!

Testimonials / Case Studies:
– Julie Hoffman got $500K of new investor leads using just 7 videos
– Julie Hoffman closed over $2MM in revenue properties with the help of these same videos
– I have personally now enjoyed over $40K in rental revenue from tenants who found my video online, watched it, and inquired about moving in

– if you study my course and do all of the homework, I guarantee you’ll get at least TWICE as many clicks on your rental ads, or your money back.

– I’ll give you a free course on how to raise money on autopilot by combining videos with real inexpensive online tools. This course alone could be worth thousands to you if it helps you close just one extra deal.

Sew The Seeds of Profit

Hopefully you now see the power of “for”. It helps guide us in every area of marketing. including traffic and conversions. As part of a powerful USP, it’s the soil in which profits grow.

Onwards and Upwards,


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