The Little Train (Plane?) That Could (Lose Your Bags)

by Tim Francis on March 6, 2012

“Be a short-term pessimist, and a long-term optimist.  They’ll lose your bags, try to kill you with the food, and most definitely will arrive late, but the airline will get you to the right city in one piece.”
– Dan Kennedy

In the last year or so I’ve heard the same message over and over again about “making it” as a business owner:

“Face the cold hard facts of today, while having unwavering faith that – in the end – you will eventually succeed”
– Jim Stockdale

Most recently shared by Laura Marshall, wife of Adwords super-guru Perry Marshall:

“Whether the project they’re working on succeeds or fails, have faith that the entrepreneur themselves will eventually find something that works.  May not be this project or the next, but have faith in the person, irrespective of the project.”
– Laura Marshall

(my apologies to all 3 of these well-spoken folks – I may have butchered the wording of their quotes)

There’s a common thread here…. the here-and-now may not work, the details probably won’t play out as expected, and the truth of today may be very painful.

But in the big picture, the long-term, you gotta have faith it will all work out.  Stick with it.

I concur.

Only a woman could be this wise

I know this article has a self-help, possibly “woo-woo” vibe.  But Laura Marshall went another step – something that I hadn’t ever heard before.  She shared this super practical real-world insight…

When Perry hit it big in the world of internet marketing, we quickly saw that everything he had done until that point – from getting his Engineering degree, to building audio speakers and doing the Multi-level marketing thing – somehow had a special place in supporting Perry’s sudden success.

And the same is true for you: everything you do today counts.  So whatever you’re doing today, take big-time action, hit it hard, and go deep.  Whenever you do hit your breakthrough, whatever you are working on today will most definitely have a place in that success.

Today Counts

I love how this brings urgency to TODAY.  That it counts.  It isn’t just another Sunday or Tuesday or Friday.  It counts.  (and sorry again Laura if I’ve miquoted your specific words – but the essence is there)

Onwards and Upwards,

Tim :)


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