One Helluva Shortcut

by Tim Francis on September 5, 2013

Aside from the loving support of my family, this one shortcut has probably played the biggest role in my development as a marketer and entrepreneur.

In this episode you’ll hear examples and learn how to find your own shortcut.  What is it you ask?  Listen or read below to find out…

Where to find coaching and community?  Look to those who’ve already accomplished what you’re looking to do.  Ask them what they studied, what conferences they went to, what courses they took, who they listen to and study.

Once you start checking out these suggestions, look at the success rate of these various groups and experts.  But do NOT get excited by their big claims up-front.  Unfortunately there are a LOT of so-called experts and group leaders who make their money from selling “How-To” because they couldn’t *actually* make it happen, not even if they followed their own advice.

Once you see an expert or group that DOES have results, next look at their students’ and members’ results.  A proven expert doesn’t necessarily lead to successful students.  Marketing and coaching are two different skills.

So look for groups and coaches with leaders who have a solid track record, *and* members / students who’ve got cold, hard results too.

Let’s look at some examples of coaching and community…



– Mark told me about Perry Marshall; I told Mark about outsourcing to the Philippines

– Ryan Masters told me about Teamwork PM and an excellent productivity blog called; I told him about a research method from Dr. Glenn Livingston and have helped him write some copy.

– Then when I was talking to Mark again I told him about Teamwork PM.  See how these things go around and around?


– make sure it’s a group of like-minded people

– make sure everyone has some reciprocal value to offer

– mastermind vs. accountability group

Events, including Workshops and Seminars

– met Ryan at Perry Marshall’s event last Sept in Chicago

– met an important business partner at a networking lunch

– met a number of respected marketing experts in Chicago, and then San Diego, and Phoenix too


Warning: Follow the WRONG coach and you can get yourself into some serious trouble.  Has the coach actually done it?  And have their students seen success too?

Group Coaching 

– Perry Marshall Bobsled Run literally set the foundation for my entire marketing perspective, including how I create entire marketing campaigns for companies ranging from $100K – $100MM in sales.  Bobsled Run took 12 weeks, and cost around $3,500.

– Work the System Group Coaching has literally transformed my entire Operations; for the first time ever I can see a clear path to how I can grow my business into a very profitable, very exciting company over the coming 10 years (given – obviously – a lot of hard work, focus, and learning).  If you’re battling the problem of “scaling”, the time is right to invest into WTS Group Coaching, which lasts around 14 weeks and costs around $1,000 (note: I’m in the Beta version; price may jump substantially if they choose to roll out the program in full-edition).

Online Study

– Dr. Glenn Livingston’s “Hypoer-Responsive Marketing Club” and “Make Them Buy” club (RIP) – have given me powerful Xray vision to build and tweak websites that convert.  I’ve since billed customers thousands of dollars to implement what I’ve learned form Glenn.  Cost – around $150/mo.


– Multi-multi-multi-million-dollar man – he fast-forwards my progress by at 1-3 months every single time we meet.  Not appropriate if I have a question about a specific tool like Google Adwords or Infusionsoft.  But when I’m considering the direction of my life, questioning a business decision, or evaluating a business partner, there’s no one better.  I once took him to lunch for $30 when I had a Real Estate problem.  He said one sentence that solved my entire situation.

– VP Operations of Elite Marketing Firm – showed me how to grow from “kinda-consultant” into a guy who runs a marketing company.  Gave me invaluable skills on how to do reports, how to handle staff problems, how to make important decisions.

1-on-1 Coaching

– Have paid for 1-on-1 sessions with marketing and operations all-stars including Bryan Todd, Dr. Glenn Livingston, Dr. Sharon Livingston, Sunny Hills, Josh Fonger, and others.  Some of this coaching came bundled with group coaching, some of it I just shelled out whatever their hourly rate was


There are countless other programs, mentors, DVDs, group coaching, seminars, friends, etc, etc, etc, that have made up my “Coaching and Community” in the last 11 years since I stated my first business, and especially over the last 5.5 years when I’ve been a full-time, no-day-job entrepreneur.

To all of them… THANK YOU!!!

Tim :)

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