Be a Persuasion Engineer

by Tim Francis on October 24, 2013

You could be good at building websites, graphic design, SEO, Google Adwords or buying advertising.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a marketer.

It’s not that these things aren’t an important part of marketing – they are – but building tools is not what a marketer does.

Listen to the podcast and see a few tips below.

A True Marketer is…

A real marketer is a Persuasion Engineer, whose number 1 role is to persuade and convert, which often means they’re dealing with the human element of getting stuff SOLD first and foremost.  A true marketer is 80% salesman and 20% coder / graphic designer / programmer / any other technician.

A marketer builds and examines all sales funnels.

A marketer tracks traffic, conversions, and financials at each step of the sales funnel, then uses this data to adjust campaigns accordingly.

A marketer constructs sales pitches and therefore is usually a copywriter (or has strong copywriters ready at their disposal); yes this means asking for a sale in your marketing materials, both online and offline!

A marketer builds a marketing calendar to execute.

A marketer ensures there is always follow-up, upsells, testimonial gathering, success story case studies.

Marketers Maximize Persuasion

Persuasion Engineer doesn’t push specific tools, they think about SALES first.

  • What makes the product/business unique and superior to its competitors?
  • Who are we selling this to?
  • What’s the problem we’re solving
  • What credibility can we weave into our marketing materials
  • How can we make each offer SO GOOD prospects can’t say no?

Only once all of this is sorted out, then – and ONLY then – does the Marketer take a look at which media or tool is best to use.  Some cases it might be a website, others it might be direct mail piece or TV infomercial.

Check out the podcast for more details.

Onwards & Upwards,

Tim :)

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