Tim Francis is an award-winning entrepreneur and marketer.  He is a marketing consultant to clients in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Marketing Strategy is an area of strength. His single-session record is helping one business improve cashflow by $80,000/year in one, single, 20-min phone call.

Marketing Critiques are another area of strength.  Based on Tim’s marketing work with businesses as large as $100MM/year in sales, Tim can rapidly review your website, email marketing, print ads, etc, and give you specific guidance.  Pass these tips on to your graphic designer, web developer, or do it yourself and watch the results roll in.

There is no hourly rate to hire Tim. Every consultation is on a case-by-case basis, and is based on the value Tim is bringing to his clients.

If you’d like to start with one free, 20-min exploratory meeting,  please click here.  Valid only for first-time clients.  Free offer my be discontinued or changed at any time.

What Are World-Class Entrepreneurs Saying About Tim?

Praise from Renowned Entrepreneur and author Sam Carpenter:

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