Provoke a Reaction

by Tim Francis on May 10, 2013

When I was touring with my band, this guy had the balls to walk up to my face and say:

“You and your band look like a bunch of High School Kids who just walked out of an Old Navy ad.”


I was supposed to be a rock drummer that was cool, tough, legit.  And here this guy was calling me a forgettable poser.

That moment triggered me to examine my band’s image. What would it take to command respect? To make people sit up straight when we walked in the room?

The answer is here, in all of it’s gory details:

And – as promised, here are the before and after photos…



Smoothride - first-ever promo shot


Smoothride - last promo shot

Big Difference!

When it comes to marketing, your customers have only a few buttons that need to be pressed for them to buy from you. That’s the simple part – pushing their buying buttons.

The challenge lies more in finding where your target customers are hiding, discovering what their buying buttons are in the first place, then having the cash to reach enough target customers affordably. This process of testing and acquiring new customers is the hardest, most expensive aspect of marketing.

But once you’re in front of the right person, the basics are fairly straightforward. I changed a few pieces of clothing and instantly spiked the response I got from my audience.

You can do the same. Find your customer and identify their buying buttons… then press them over and over until they are ready to buy from you.

Onwards and Upwards,

Tim :)

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