by Tim Francis on May 7, 2013

I tip my hat to Dr. Glenn Livingston for penning this perfect little expression:

“Hype is Promise Without Proof”

When you’re creating your marketing pieces – email newsletters, email blasts, google ads, facebook ads, landing pages, sales pages, print ads, ANYTHING – always take note when you make a claim or promise.  Think about how you can immediately back it up with PROOF.

Here are examples of ways that you can include proof:

  • Picture Proving your Claim – seeing is believing
  • Headshot of the person speaking – proof a real-world person is on the other end of the ad
  • Demonstration of the product / service in action
  • Explaining your process – revealing “behind-the-scenes” magic makes prospect believe
  • Telling stories that prove “you know what it’s like” to be in the prospect’s shoes
  • Any endorsements you have from experts, associations, businesses, authors, or celebrities
  • Any awards you’ve won from associations or clubs
  • Any customer advocacy accreditation, e.g. Better Business Bureau
  • Any security certificates you have, e.g. VeriSign online
  • Any licenses you have, e.g. Health Board license, Driving license, Business license
  • Any Academic accreditation – degrees, diplomas, special courses (include logo of institution if possible)
  • Any other advanced training you’ve taken
  • Any association memberships you hold – e.g. Trucking Association of Canada (include logo if possible)
  • Any community group memberships you hold – e.g. Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc. (include logos if possible)
  • Any boards you sit on
  • Number of clients served
  • Number of years in business
  • Testimonials from customers – audio, video, text
  • Testimonials from experts, authors – audio, video, text
  • Tesimonials from celebrities – audio, video, text
  • University research to back you up
  • Industry reserach to back you up
  • Scientific studies done by companies
  • Customer research studies – e.g. “275 of 281 respondents reported…”
  • Statistics about your industry – e.g. “Surgical Tubing is a 6 Billion / year industry”
  • Statisitics about customer usage of your product – e.g. “92% of our customers return to buy again”
  • Statistics on how you outperform competitors – e.g. “Average wait times are 31% faster than our closest competitor”
  • Awards won
  • Books you’ve written
  • TV shows you’ve appeared on
  • Media you’ve written for or contributed expertise for, including newspaers and magazines, trade journals, academic journals, trade magazines
  • Events you’ve spoken at
  • Before and After pictures to show results
  • Pics and Vids of your product / location make you legitimate to prospects
  • Publishing your address so people know you legitimately exist
  • Showing a 1-800 number makes you look bigger than you are
  • Show brand logos of companies you’ve worked with

I guarantee there are way more examples than this.  If you come up with more examples, please add in the comment box below.

Onwards and Upwards,

Tim :)

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