38 Sources of Proof

Examples of Proof.  Most of these won’t apply to you, but a few of them used prominently can dramatically increase the number of people calling from your marketing materials:

  1. Show “I Walk my Talk” – e.g. Laser-Eye surgeon writes “Former LASIK Patient” under his head-shot
  2. Picture Proving your Claim – seeing is believing – e.g. “before and after” pics
  3. Head-shot of the person speaking – proof a real-world person is on the other end of the ad
  4. Demonstration of the product / service in action
  5. Explaining your process – revealing “behind-the-scenes” magic makes prospect believe
  6. Telling stories that prove “you know what it’s like” to be in the prospect’s shoes
  7. Any endorsements you have from experts, associations, businesses, authors, or celebrities
  8. Any awards you’ve won from associations or clubs
  9. Any customer advocacy accreditation, e.g. Better Business Bureau
  10. Any security certificates you have, e.g. VeriSign online
  11. Any licenses you have, e.g. Health Board license, Driving license, Business license
  12. Any Academic accreditation – degrees, diplomas, special courses (include logo of institution if possible)
  13. Any other advanced training you’ve taken
  14. Any association memberships you hold – e.g. Trucking Association of Canada (include logo if possible)
  15. Any community group memberships you hold – e.g. Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc. (include logos if possible)
  16. Any boards you sit on
  17. Number of clients served
  18. Number of years in business
  19. Testimonials from customers – audio, video, text
  20. Testimonials from experts, authors – audio, video, text
  21. Testimonials from celebrities – audio, video, text
  22. University research to back you up
  23. Industry research to back you up
  24. Scientific studies done by companies
  25. Customer research studies – e.g. “275 of 281 respondents reported…”
  26. Statistics about your industry – e.g. “Surgical Tubing is a 6 Billion / year industry”
  27. Statistics about customer usage of your product – e.g. “92% of our customers return to buy again”
  28. Statistics on how you outperform competitors – e.g. “Average wait times are 31% faster than our closest competitor”
  29. Awards won
  30. Books you’ve written
  31. TV shows you’ve appeared on
  32. Media you’ve written for or contributed expertise for, including newspapers and magazines, trade journals, academic journals, trade magazines
  33. Events you’ve spoken at
  34. Before and After pictures to show results
  35. Pics and Vids of your product / location make you legitimate to prospects
  36. Publishing your address so people know you legitimately exist
  37. Showing a 1-800 number makes you look bigger than you are
  38. Show brand logos of companies you’ve worked with

I guarantee there are way more examples than this.  But comb through these and make notes on those that apply to you and your market.

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