11 Knockout Networking Tips

by Tim Francis on August 6, 2013

You probably already know I hate the fake-ness of standard networking events, lunches, etc..

That said, it’s actually been a big part of my entrepreneurial journey, and – in a radically different way – I actually DO still do *some* networking these days.

Follow these 11 tips and watch your networking results soar.

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11 Knockout Marketing Tricks



1. Make the first move

2. What’s getting you excited?

3. Reflective Listening


4. Choose your room wisely

5. Kick-ass Direct Response Business Cards

6. Offer free report

7. Use email marketing software to automatically follow-up.  I recommend Aweber (link below)

8. The 48 Hour Rule


9. Immediate opt-in through iPhone home screen

10. Public Speaking

11. Lead-generation advertising

Pics and Links Referred to in Podcast…

Click here for: Email marketing with Aweber

Click here to purchase: “Talking The Winner’s Way” by Leil Lowndes

Picture of me with Ari Galper…

Tim Francis and Ari Galper

My Kickass Business Cards…

TFM - Business Card 1


TFM - Business Card 2


TFM - Business Card 3


TFM - Business Card 4


Tim :)

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