Marketing Waterwheel

by Tim Francis on January 20, 2012

This presentation presents the “Marketing Waterwheel”, developed by yours truly.

I was seeking a way to integrate many important concepts into one easy-to-understand diagram that included:

  • USP
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Capture and Conversion
  • Prospect Nuturing
  • Sales Conversion
  • Customer Nuturing
  • Sales principle of “Know – Like – Trust”
  • Sales princple of “The 5 Power Disqualifiers” (credit: John Paul Mendocha)
  • Repeat sales
  • Testimonials
  • Referrals

….how the heck does all of this fit together on one diagram?

The solution I’ve developed is called – drumroll please – the “The Marketing Waterwheel”.

I think the presentation above – of the Marketing Waterwheel – does a pretty solid job of putting all of this marketing and sales horsepower into one simple diagram.  The above video also includes case studies and real-world examples to show you the real-world application of the Marketing Waterwheel.


Tim :)

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