Bursting at the Seams: Lessons from a Thriving Crossfit Gym

by Tim Francis on January 16, 2013

Bursting at the seams?

That’s what class attendance is looking more and more like over at Crossfit Lazarus, a thriving fitness gym in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

In fact, one of their goals this year is to move to a bigger space.  Pretty soon it won’t be an option – they’ll need to move to a bigger facility!

The Gym is Thriving in Many Ways

Yes memberships and revenues are up, but I also mean the vibe of the place.

My goodness, members absolutely love the gym, and deeply appreciate the owners too – Peter Li and Richard Bodnaruk.  I bet Pete and Rich’s member retention is one of the highest of any fitness option in the city.  They’re just that popular.

What’s Crossfit Lazarus Like?

Curious people who come to try their free week of Crossfit are warmly greeted, feeling at home instantly.  Pete, Rich, and their team provide a welcome hello, plus easy step-by-step training so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

The inviting energy of other class participants, combined with the excitement and enthusiasm of the Crossfit experience is infectious.

When people come in to try Crossfit for just one class, it’s very common for them to come back for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th class and beyond…. you get hooked quickly, it’s just that fun!

Business Lessons from Pete

2012 was a big year for the owners of Crossfit Lazarus.  Their business grew, and they did too.

So I asked Pete to compile a list of his biggest lessons from the last year.

Here’s what he said – read below.

Tim :)

P.S. Thanks Pete!  Keep crushing it in the year to come :)

– – – – – –

Business Lessons from 2012

by Peter Li

Lessons from 2012.  Here we go…

Talk Is Cheap. Show me, Don’t Tell Me

 -Pretty self explanatory. I think there are too many people out there that are willing to make you happy in the moment by telling you what you want to hear rather than doing it and showing you the results. I’d much rather wait and be shown the result, than to hear them tell me what I want to hear, then be disappointed later.

Operation MoneySuck!

 -Taken from John Carlton/Gary Halbert. This lesson is one that every business owner should live by every single day of their lives. It’s your job to bring in the money, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Period. Everything you do should be aligned with bringing in more money.

Copy Is King

 -Unless you’re going door to door to sell your product or services, you’re going to have to utilize copy in your websites/ads to help convey your message to the market. Good copy converts prospects into buyers, and buyers will keep the money coming in. Don’t underestimate the power of good copy.

Stick To The Process

 -It’s the process that gets you to the event. You can’t just all of the sudden arrive at the ‘event’ without going through the process. Taking shortcuts usually sets you back even further from your goal. Forget the ‘Get Rich Easy’ notion and get your hands dirty by going through what every successful entrepreneur had to go through to get them to where they are now.


 -There’s a million things you could be doing within your business to generate more business. Focus on ONE, make sure it converts into sales, then FOCUS on filling the holes so your cost per conversion is at the lowest before moving onto the next lead source.

Be Responsible

 -Not happy with the results you were wishing for? Do something about it. Don’t just sit there waiting for things to change, placing blame on everything but yourself. Power stems from responsibility.
– Pete
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