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by Tim Francis on March 19, 2012

You need to eat and sleep and somewhere in the 25th hour of the day – socialize and have some fun.  All important for sure.  But also kind of unnerving – while you are sleeping, who is making sales for you?

“Mini-Me”: Your Little 24-Hour Sales Superhero

Stop Humping the Laser!

So what if you could take your best possible sales pitch and make it available to curious prospects 24 hours per day?  Bottle up a veritable “Mini-Me” into a little package, multiply yourself by 1,000 (or more), and send ’em out to work?

That’s what happens when you’ve got a properly built Direct Response ad out there, properly placed in front of potential customers.  I’m not talking about “branding” here.  Nope.  A little known sales machine called Direct Response.

What is Direct Response?

This style of advertising – Direct Response – is basically selling with written words.  It’s not “branding” like most advertising.

It’s not colours and graphics, not logos, nor art.  Instead it’s raw and connected to your reader’s inner most desires.  Often times deeply-rooted desires they won’t openly confess – or even be conscious of!  But it drives them and their decisions day after day after day…

And Direct Response is usually written in plain old text: in print ads, on websites, even the script of a video (think infomercials!)

Prospects Tearing Down Your Door

Humans buy because of fear, love, passion, lust, scarcity, humiliation, revenge, greed, and countless other emotions.  Tap into that and you’ve got people tearing down your door to learn more about you and your biz.

(Note: uncovering those raw emotions often requires careful listening and delicate research.  But it’s there – if you’re willing to ask thoughtful questions, shut up, and listen.)

Direct Response is pure sales-in-print, grabbing the attention of the reader and compelling them to take action on the spot, in the strategic direction of your choice.

5,000 Duplicates of You, Working Hard FOR You

Duplicate Yourself 5,000 Times

When we create a Direct Response ad, we are basically training a little salesman to go out and drum up business.

And when that salesman gets printed 5,000 times in 5,000 copies of a magazine (or Google Ad, or YouTube video, or newspaper Ad, email broadcast, etc), you now have 5,000 little salesmen out there working 24 hours per day, anytime someone picks up that magazine or checks out your website.

No limitations on when the sales office is open, when a rep is available to speak with them, or anything like that.  Nope – that ad is available 24 hours per day to convert strangers into prospects.  Simply beautiful.

A Wise Investment – Well Worth Your Time

So it’s a wise investment of time to build that ad / create that little salesman.

When you hit a winner with a Direct Response Ad, you’ll know it: it will pull people into your database, book your sales rep with meetings, and – overall – fill your sales funnel to capacity at every step.

When you see this happening, you can run this winning Ad over and over and over again.

Worth Millions

When a business owner sees a winning Ad coming to life, they will see their $1 invested turn into $2 (or more!).  Any sane businessperson would do that deal all day long, week after week, month after month.

In fact, the best Direct Response Ads appear over and over in magazines (often in the millions of impressions), and/or get mailed as letters to recipients month after month (also in the millions of printings).

These little monsters are known to pull millions of dollars in sales and profit.

Examples of Direct Response Ads

The vast majority of Ads you see these days are not Direct Response.

That billboard with jolly ol’ St. Nick holding a bottle of Coca Cola hardly inspires me to make a U-turn and dart to the nearest convenience store because I just have to have a Coke.  Hardly.

Regardless of your opinion of advertising such as infomercials, credit card offers in the mail, Google Ads inside of your Gmail, here’s the thing: customers RESPOND to them (at least the good ones).  Those that are ineffective will die out, never to be seen again.  (whereas “Branding” ads leave the business owner clueless – did it work? did it not? there’s no way to know….)

Direct Response Ads that DO work make TONS of cash – think ProActiv face cream for example.  MBNA credit cards.  These guys make an absolute killing.  Wouldn’t you like a piece of that action?

Do You Need a Million-Dollar Marketing Budget?

Not at all.

Do you need to have a huge international campaign to get started?

Not in the least.

In fact, Direct Response should probably be the only form of advertising for businesses that are lean, mean, and need accountability in their advertising.  When you send $1 of ad dollars to work, and absolutely MUST have it come back to daddy with friends attached, direct response is literally – by definition – the only option available.

Don’t believe me?

Currently I’m working on Direct Response pieces for a few medium-sized clients.  But to prove that Direct Response works even on the tiniest of scales, here’s an example of a $31 campaign, from my own personal life.

Yes – you read that correctly – it cost me all of $31….

$6,000 for Writing Words

Granted I didn’t have to pay myself to write the Ad (or the person who answered the phone calls from prospects), but I’m guessing you (or your staff) could probably handle some of that out on your own too.

And you likely have revenue goals far in excess of $6,000, so – as long as the margins are there – you’ve got much more room to work with than I did in this particular example.

Advertising that Pays for Itself

Direct Response is a powerful way to leverage yourself and your sales team.  Amazing for lead generation, including big-ticket industries such as Real Estate sales and investing.  And a solid choice for selling stuff instantly online and over the phone too.

Hope that helps!

Tim :)


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