$2MM Case Study – Julie Hoffman Real Estate Investor

by Tim Francis on September 24, 2013

Real-Life Case Study: learn how Julie Hoffman did over $2MM in real estate deals by using simple YouTube videos we created for her.

Below you’ll see the actual videos, and find out what skills were required for Julie to be so successful using these videos.  Listen via podcast here or scroll down to read below…

Case Study: Real Estate Investor Does $2MM in Deals by Using Video Marketing by Tim Francis

I did some video marketing work with real estate investor Julie Hoffman in Summer 2011.

We produced a handful of videos for her.  She wanted short video snippets she could share with potential investors, buyers, and sellers *before* she met with them (or at least before they closed the deal), so a good deal of the relationship building required in a big transaction (real estate) could be accomplished automatically.

When trust is high and a bond is created between Julie and her deal-partner, (as you know) the deal closes far more quickly and there’s far less grinding / negotiating that goes back-and-forth, because we just don’t do that with our friends, right?

I’d like to share her results with you.  She’s permitted me to do so.  And Julie has also said she’s willing to speak on the phone anytime with anyone who wants to ask about her experience of working with me, and/or to validate the numbers I’m about to share….

In the first year (2011 – 2012), using the videos she generated one $500K deal, plus 5 leads of investors with $100K each.  The buyer of her $500K deal was on the fence, Googled Julie (without telling her), watched all the videos and called her the next day to close the deal.

In the second year (2012 – 2013) Julie’s used the same videos and has now done an additional $1.8MM in deals.

The videos we did included both in-studio, sales-style videos:

…and also some “video blog” style, more casual videos, such as:

…where Julie shares tips and insights from her experience of doing 300+ deals.

As you’ll see, in the videos Julie accomplishes *so much* in just a few minutes.  From the perspective of “first they buy YOU, then they buy your deal”, it’s a home run.  Julie comes across as an incredibly warm, welcoming person.  A very REAL person with kids, a family, and even weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  She’s REAL.  And that’s crucial for building trust.

Also, through her storytelling she demonstrates an incredibly deep base of experience which makes the viewer realize they’re dealing with a legitimate contender, not some Real Estate “weekend warrior.”  Trust is so crucial in this market and industry, and nothing speaks louder than experience, and that comes through clearly (yet gently) in the videos.

Now, to be fair, Julie has a number of personal qualities and skills that she brought to the table before we even started, and those qualities played a big role in the smash success of these videos.

First of all, she’s got a very welcoming, folksy personality that people fall in love with whether in person or on camera.

Also, she has experience with public speaking, so her delivery is smooth.  These videos are not scripted.  Although each *did* have 2-3 bullet points each which she and I worked out off-camera first.

Thirdly, she’s VERY coachable.  Every single tip I offered her (which were many) she implemented on the fly and the results show in the finished product.  She didn’t get overwhelmed with the instant, real-time feedback.  She stayed calm, we laughed together at her outtakes, and together we had a great time.

(Julie and I have a nice rapport between us too, which creates a nice energy when we work together, so that played a role too.)

Next, Julie is a strong salesperson.  I can help her nurture prospects towards a sale, but she still have to have the skills to close the deal.  And she does.

Lastly, Julie HUSTLES.  By that I mean she works hard.  She networks at events, she follows up with people, and puts the videos to use regularly.  If all she did was let the videos sit online we’d only get a percentage of the results we’ve gotten.  When Julie’s out there and negotiating, she’s continually pushing people to check out her videos.

In closing, I’ve been doing far less of this kind of work recently, mostly because it’s a tremendous amount of work to do all the editing, uploading, etc, etc, etc, on these kinds of videos.  It’s also a big time commitment – 3 or 4 videos wipes out an entire working day for me.

But these videos are a perfect example of setting up a marketing system – in this case Julie’s marketing videos – then letting the marketing system do some of the heavy lifting for you.  Very smart!

Onwards and Upwards,

Tim :)


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