How to Get More Clients (7 Power-Packed Lessons)

by Tim Francis on December 21, 2012

Recently I got this question (modified for confidentiality):

I have been doing my best to expand my client base. I have a web site, Facebook fan page, etc. Long story short: I need a fresh perspective on how to reach more people to expand my clientele.

This question frustrates many entrepreneurs… you aren’t alone!

I’ve written a handful of articles that address this exact question.

I’ve placed them on a silver platter below, wrapped with a ravishing red bow, so you’ve got them all in one place.

Every article below is important in solving this “more client” conundrum, so be sure to read all eight of them.

Class is in session.  Let’s begin….

1. Tragedy of Murdered Pioneers

2. Just 3 Ingredients to More Clients

3. Stand in the Path of Demand, and Collide With Cash!

4. The Crucial Distinction Between “Tools” and “Principles”

5. Make Your Marketing a “Magic Black Box”

6. The Problem with “Free” Customers

7. My Blood is Boiling: Apparently 12,400% ROI Isn’t Enough?!?


Tim :)

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