Sold $6997 in 26 Hours

by Tim Francis on May 29, 2013

Copywriting is – by far – the most consistently profitable business skill I’ve ever acquired.

Make no mistake, Negotiating is way higher ROI. I’ve made $5,000 with a ten-minute conversation, which is like $30,000/hr ROI. Not uncommon to make that kind of money when buying a big ticket item such as a house or car.

But I don’t buy very many houses or cars, so unfortunately I don’t get many opportunities to exercise that $30K/hr skill. The day ends, the week ends, the month ends, and I’ve still only made $5,000 from negotiating.

But COPYWRITING on the other hand… I have an opportunity to use that skill all the time, sometimes multiple times per day.

Copywriting has helped me write ads and sales letters that have:

  • raked in $21,5000 (over 9 days) for a Calgary client, breaking all sales records for that product
  • generate over $30,000 of rental revenue from investment properties (mine and others’)
  • book $6,000 of business for an Edmonton client, seven minutes after an email broadcast went out

…and most recently, $6,997 for my Uncle after I helped him sell his car on Kijiji, the online classifieds website.

Below you’ll find a few items:

  • A playable podcast episode where I reveal some of the best books and courses to learn copywriting for yourself
  • A Copy of the ad that sold the car for $6,997 within 26 hours of being posted

Onwards and Upwards!

Tim :)

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This Honda Accord

Has Received More Careful,

Meticulous Upkeep Than

Pamela Anderson


Hi, my name is Joe and I’m going to tell you about a rare 2002 Honda Accord in the description below.

Video Tour is here: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (copy and paste this URL into a new window to watch video).

But first….

Avoid this Common

Car-Buying Tragedy

Imagine you buy a used car off Kijiji, you drive it home.

You’re happy and proud.

But two weeks later, suddenly something breaks, leaving you with a $2000 bill.

All of a sudden that $6,000 car just became an $8,000 car….


Buying a lemon is every car buyer’s worst nightmare… but it could easily be prevented!!!

How To Avoid Buying a

Money-Sucking Lemon

 Certainly there are no guarantees in life.

But like choosing a spouse or a house, there’s lots you can do to maximize your chances of finding a winning car.

In fact, whether you buy this 2002 Honda Accord or any other car, I highly recommend you do the following:

      • Ask to See The History of Oil Changes: not only will you discover if the engine has received solid TLC, you’ll also find out how organized the car seller is.  If they’ve lost records, aren’t sure when oil changes happen, or don’t even have records in the first place, can you really trust the rest of the car?
      • Find Out What Repairs Have Happened in Last 5 Years: unfortunately all cars (new and used) break down from time to time.  If fixes haven’t been needed yet, the car could be a ticking time bomb for repairs.  Will you get slapped with some huge bill, mere months after buying the car?
      • Find Out Why They’re Selling: sometimes sellers are very eager to sell because they want to off-load a Lemon, and you’re the sucker they’ve got in their crosshairs.  On the Bill of Sale, they’ve circled “Car Sold As-Is” with a big, red Sharpie so you’re locked in to a loser.
      • Run a CarFax Vehicle History Check: this instantly tells you if the car was previously a wreck or write-off, it the vehicle has lawsuits or liens against it, and if any money is owning on it to a bank or financing company.  Wouldn’t you hate to get a knock on the door from a police officer, telling you your new car is being repossessed?
      • Ask The Seller To Speak With Their Mechanic: nobody knows the intricacies of a vehicle like a professional mechanic.  Ask to speak with the seller’s.  If they don’t have a mechanic, wouldn’t that seem suspicious?  If they refuse to introduce you to their mechanic, what are they trying to hide?

Again, there’s (obviously) no guarantees, but if you follow those 5 simple steps, you could literally save yourself thousands in unexpected repairs.

OK.. now that I’ve done my good deed for the day, let’s move on to the 2002 Honda Accord…


This Honda Accord

Has Received

Good Old-Fashioned Care

Like I Learned Back on the Farm


I grew up on a farm in rural Alberta.

Dad would always have us fixing the tractor and making sure the combine was well-oiled for Fall Harvest.

Through those years he taught me that “an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure.”  I’ve since done my best to pass that on to my own kids as they’ve been growing up.

I left the farm to become a teacher.  I retired a little while ago, then bought this Honda Accord brand-new in 2002.  My wife and I have loved every minute of owning it.

Because it’s a Honda, it hasn’t had any catastrophic problems, although – like any car – there’s been a few fixes along the way, and we’ve always stayed on top of regular maintenance like oil changes.

In fact, we loved this Honda so much we were planning on keeping it all the way to 400,000 kms.  But then our son suddenly, unexpectedly, gave us his BMW.  So that’s our primary car now.

I guess it was his way of showing his appreciation for years of hockey practices and helping with his homework.  We’re not complaining.


You’ll Feel Comfortable,

Safe, and Proud as Owner

of This Honda Accord


Video Tour of car is here: xxxxxxxxxxxxx (copy and paste this youtube link into a new window to view)

And here are some of the key features of the car…

      • No Racing, Drifting or Stunting: some Accords on the market have been driven very aggressively, which puts tremendous strain on the engine and suspension.  My wife and I are both retired, so this Accord has been driven very gently.  Driving to golf games, visiting grand-kids, getting groceries, trips to the Lake… that’s about it.
      • Remote Car Starter Makes Winter More Comfortable: this car comes not only with a Viper car starter, but also heated seats for the driver and passenger seats.  No more bone-chilling drives to work in the morning; press one button a few minutes before departure and enjoy a warm, relaxing drive.
      • Classy Leather Interior: this Accord has an elegant, tan, leather interior with upgraded trim.  You’ll feel proud showing friends, family, even clients.  They’ll appreciate the classy feel of touring around in your new car.
      • Perfect Balance of Fuel Economy and Raw Power: this Accord’s intelligent, VTEC V6 engine has been engineered to use only half it’s fuel valves at low-RPMs, which saves you substantial amounts of gas.  If you’re ever in trouble, though, or need to pass someone on the highway, just slam on the gas.  RPMs will spike, all fuel valves will open up, giving you a power surge that will instantly take you to safety.  Once your RPMs come down again, the VTEC automatically switches off the extra valves, putting you back in gas-saving mode.
      • Windshield is Free of Cracks: all car windshields in Edmonton (new and used) are vulnerable to the substantial rocks, gravel, and sand that get laid by city crews over our long, punishing winters.  But if you buy this Accord, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear sight-lines and the peace of mind your glass is giving you maximum strength and protection should a collision happen.
      • Four-Door Sedan Makes It Easy to Get Into: because this Accord is a 4-door, access to get in and out is very easy.  Great if you’ve got kids or clients to move around the city.  Also means you’ll have no trouble putting groceries in the back seat, or taking any of life’s “equipment” with you… golf clubs to the course, food trays and platters to social events, or even multiple changes of clothes if you’re bouncing from work to the gym and back into street clothes in the evening.
      • New Timing Belt at 200,000 kms: whether you buy this Accord or someone else’s, pay close attention to the Timing Belt.  If it hasn’t been replaced around 200,000 kms, you could be on the hook for an unexpected expense.  But if you buy this Accord, you won’t have to worry about it… I just got it done.
      • $4,000 in Recent Maintenance: in addition to the new timing belt, I’ve also recently paid to have new brakes installed, a new oil pan fitted, and new sway bar bushings for both the front and back.  Because I’ve paid this $4,000 in maintenance, you won’t have to.  Isn’t that convenient?
      • Complete Maintenance Records from 2002 until Today: I have a binder you can look at that lists every single oil change, piece of preventative maintenance, and repair we’ve done since this car rolled off the lot as a new car in 2002.  You’ll even get to see my mechanic’s comments on the work orders; that way you’ll get a good sense of any upcoming work that may need to be done.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident on what expenses might be coming up?
      • Get Personal Access to My Mechanic: if you’d like, I’ll personally introduce you to my mechanic.  He can answer any question that you have, and give you advance insight on what work could and should be done in the coming months and years.  And if you like him, you’ll have the opportunity to continue you using him to service this Accord.  He’s already got an intimate understanding of the car, so he could really help you in the future.
      • BONUS: Set of 4 Extra Rims for Winter Tires: a study conducted by the Quebec Ministry of Transport showed that a proper winter tire can improve braking up to 25 per cent over an all-season radial tire, and can improve collision avoidance by approximately 38 per cent.  That could save you thousands in potential collisions, and – frankly – help you stay safe from injuries… or worse.  If you buy this Accord, I’ll give you an extra set of 4 perfectly-matched rims so you can mount winter tires and easily switch over when the seasons change.


Don’t Take My Word For It…

Come Test-Drive This Accord and

See If It’s a Fit For You!


I could keep going on about the nice parts of this car, such as the power windows, keyless entry, and other nice features, but if you’ve read this far, it’s probably best that you come and see the car for yourself.

I’m very proud of it, and am a little reluctant to let it go.  But my wife is right… we now have a new car, so it’s time to let someone else enjoy the same comfort and dependability that we’ve enjoyed from owning this car.

If you haven’t watched the video tour yet, click here to watch it now…

VIDEO TOUR IS HERE –> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (copy and paste this youtube link into a new window to watch video tour)

The next step is for you to give me a call to arrange a test-drive…

Call me (Joe) now at xxx-xxx-xxxx to arrange a test drive.

Thanks so much, I look forward to meeting you.



– – – – –

2002 Honda Accord

xxx-xxx-xxxx (mobile)

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