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by Tim Francis on July 16, 2012

Ever heard of www.HireMyMom.com ?

I’ve used websites like Elance.com , vWorker.com , OnlineJobs.ph , and 99Designs.com to hire freelance workers from around the world to do a wide range of different tasks including:

  • graphic design
  • web design
  • coding
  • transcribing
  • editing
  • calling customers to invite them to events
  • …and much more…
  • heck – even to call my friends to invite them to my parties!

Best Outsourcing Website

Which is best?

I don’t know.  But I’ve been especially blown away by the talent and courteous-ness of the freelancers on:

  • www.99Designs.com – look no further for anything graphic design related – web, banners, logos, etc
  • www.HireMyMom.com – outstanding for finding admin talent and support

Let’s talk about the latter… HireMyMom.

What Is Hire My Mom?

Basically, the premise is that it’s a job board for women who used to work in the “regular” work force, but now are hoping to work from home… usually because they want to stay home with their kids.

Business owners like you and I can post jobs when we need some kind of remote assistance (anything that can be done over the phone or internet – which is nearly everything these days); on their end, the Moms watch these postings and email you with their application if they’re interested.

I’m not sure if the founder of this website considered how males might chuckle at the name (most guys are terrible sometimes – myself included) and the website’s, um, wide variety of interpretations… but kidding aside, this is one awesome service.  The talented women that watch Hire My Mom for work postings is nothing short of amazing.

What to Expect from Hire My Mom

Mind-boggling.  I’ve had multiple grad-level submissions (Masters, PhD), and nearly all applicants have advanced training – either some kind of university / college, and/or clerical, admin, and accreditations (e.g. accounting designations).

Almost all have well over 5 years experience (remember these are mostly moms working from home now that they have kids), and can give you a very respectable list of “traditional” businesses they’ve worked at, including supervisors, references, and everything.

Why Hire My Mom instead of India?

For me, the above points give me more confidence.  VAs from India or Pakistan typically have wildly divergent levels of experience, often spotty English, and I have no idea how to gauge their expertise because I don’t know how the world works over there.  (That said, there is a time an place for India, Pakistan, Phillipines VAs for sure… but I won’t get into that here.)

If you aren’t used to working with that part of the world (India, etc), you might be surprised that there can be unexpected differences – for example, electricity shortages and challenging internet speeds (which can make your new V.A. seem MIA because they’re suddenly out of touch for days, leaving you wondering if they’ve jumped ship).

If you are newer to the world of outsourcing, are hoping for a more Canadian / American experience, definitely stick with HireMyMom, even though you may pay a little more per-hour.  At the end of the day, the price will probably be the same… you’ll have fewer errors and the work will be completed faster just by virtue of clearer communication, thus saving you on total hours worked.

Best Use of HireMyMom?

If you have a job posting that is more typical “admin” help, you will probably get overloaded with 30+ applications from HireMyMom.  If you have something in the ballpark of:

  • making appointments
  • anything bookkeeping-related
  • sending and reading your email
  • calling customers (customer service, or collections, etc)
  • producing reports for you
  • proofing documents
  • creating presentations
  • etc…

…you will really be pleased with who contacts you from the HireMyMom board.

Help Out the Moms, Even if You Can’t Hire Them

Personally, I feel bad that I can only hire one person from the (literally) dozens of qualified, high-quality applicants.  So that’s why I’ve prepared the following that I send to applicants if they don’t win my job….

(feel free to share this with your unsuccessful applicants too… just copy and paste the email below, or send them to this link: http://www.TimFrancisMarketing.com/hire-my-mom )

Dear (applicant),

I’ve already found a qualified applicant for the job I posted, so the job/contract is no longer available.

Not sure if this helps you or not, but here’s “behind the scenes” of how this job competition went down.

For this job posting I got over 40 replies.  Maybe that sounds disheartening, but here are some key ways that you can stand out above the crowd on future jobs that you submit your candidacy to on HireMyMom….

Of the 40 applications I received, very few of them took time to:

a) write a personalized note in the body of their email (this makes a bigger difference than you think!)

b) in that note make a comment on specific aspects of the posting and how they would serve me

c) go to my website (as evidenced by my email address) to take a quick look and make reference to it in their email to me

d) follow-up at least once if they hadn’t heard back from me

Furthermore, my winning candidate:

e) had their own website – www.YourName.com

f) had a customized email address – [email protected]

g) had testimonials from current / past happy clients

…if you are looking for more contracts, and want to compete and win against other applicants, the above tips may not win you every contract, but they would definitely help you to stand above the crowd.  And if all else is equal in your skillset, these suggestions could tip the contract in your favour.

Not trying to be patronizing, and maybe you already knew (and have done) all of this.  Just know that in my own business I love to know how I can have a competitive advantage out there in the real world, which can sometimes feel like the wild west.

Hope that helps!

Tim :)


As mentioned in my message to the unsuccessful applicants, I’m not trying to be a jerk or patronizing or anything by sharing this insight.

More than anything, I know that there are a lot of successful, talented women out there and unfortunately I can only help one (per job posting) by awarding them the job.  So hopefully this is a way that I can help all the others that don’t win a contract with me.

Onwards and Upwards,

Tim :)

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