Hanging Out with Perry Marshall!

by Tim Francis on September 22, 2012

So the last few days have been a total blur.

Not enough time to cover many details right now nor to upload pics or anything, but here’s a quick outline of what’s happened in the last few days:

Wednesday in Chicago

Wed – day: Spent most of the day doing work – completing assignment for Perry Marshall seminar

Wed – night: Went out to Second City – a comedy stage. Renowened for launching the careers of John Candy, Tina Fey, and countless other SNL superstars. WOW – such an amazing, high quality performance. I actually felt – at many points – that I was watching an SNL skit. Only better, because they could swear, LOL.

The quality of the Second City show reminded me that Edmonton, well, isn’t Chicago.

Wed – late night: Continued working on Perry assignment, finally got it done at 500am.

Thursday in Chicago

Thurs – morning: slept in trying to recover from last night of work

Thurs – afternoon: FINALLY go to “just be a tourist”. Spent a total of 7 hours walking around Chicago. Did so many amazing Chicago landmarks and must-see stops including:

  • Picasso sculpture
  • Big silver shiny bean (whatever it’s called)
  • The fountain that spits at you (again – not the official name)
  • Buckingham Fountain
  • Magnificent Mile (high-end shopping)
  • John Hancock Building
  • Chicago Tribune Building
  • Navy Pier

…and – far and away the #1 highlight of my sightseeing experience – the architectual boat cruise I took. Sounds nerdy, but was absolutely awe-inspiring and stunningly gorgeous all at once.

Highlights included:

  • Sears Tower (now called something else)
  • Trump Tower
  • lots of Ayn Rand-ish art deco buildings
  • a few Beaux-Arts and classical buildings
  • some post-modern
  • I think they said some “brutalist”
  • Buildings owned by the Kennedys
  • Wrigley Building

Thurs night – head out to Rolling Meadows, a suburb of Chicago. This is where the Perry Marshall event is taking place.

Turns out there is a bonus talk happening when I arrive at like 9pm. It’s a Planet Perry guy named John Paul Mendocha (who I’ve referenced before in the Marketing Waterwheel). In a previous life, John was a Vegas hustler who has done jail time. Now he’s a marketer. He’s got lots of interesting stories to share.

At the talk, I bump into “the man” himself, Perry Marshall. Was nice to finally shake his hand, and thank him for all that his education has done for me over the last year. The real, step-by-step, on-the-ground systems and guides to achieve some success with Google Adwords, Infusionsoft, and marketing in general.

Afterwards, I met my “roommate” for the weekend, Ryan Masters of Squeeze Juice Marketing. Turns out he’s in his 20s too, loves fitness and marketing too. We hit it off instantly. Super cool guy!

Friday in Rolling Meadows – Seminar Time!

Fri morning – Perry talking about doing what you’re good at, and leaving the rest to partners, staff, or generally someone else. Also talking about different marketing personalities, and how they work together. Very intersting.

Then broke out into break-out groups. I was with Jack Born, who helped me arrange my webinar with Perry at this time last year. Maybe some other time I will explain why I was categorized with the “chameleons”, and how I ended up in the room.

Got to have a hot-seat in front of everyone where they provided feedback on my business and I. In the room there was Brad Geddes, and David Rothwell… two A-list marketers (if you follow the marketing scene). They both chimed in with feedback for me. Kind of cool to have that feedback from such a wide range of high-profile people.

Fri lunch – mix and mingle with tons of super nice and smart people

Fri afternoon – Brad Geddes talking about building agencies

Fri afternoon – presentation from Infusionsoft rep. He had a funny story about he and his wife appeared on the Rachel Ray show with their kids for being “the most embarrassing parents ever”… and he had a picture to prove it. Hilarious. This was basically a pitch for Infusion, which I was so-so about (more comments below). Speaker was great, though, and it was interesting to see how he sold Infusion.

Fri afternoon – Derek Naylor talking about the unique way he’s built his marketing business, and become the go-to marketing guru in the glitzy space of storage container lots. Yes – where you go to store your vehicles and belongings in the winter. Really cool presentation. He’ll be saying more tomorrow.

Fri supper – more mixing with talented people

Sat night – presentation from Paul Lemburg (sp?) no buying businesses. This was a flat-out pitch for his coaching program on how to buy businesses, which seemed to have little relevance to the whole “marketing consultant” vibe of the weekend. Also getting hard-pitched when I’ve paid over $2,000 to attend this event felt kinda unfair – I’m basically paying $100/hr for the seminar, plus at least $100/hr in opportunity cost (lost client revenue potential)… to get pitched on another educational program. Bleh :(

Sat night – headed to the hotel bar to hang out for a bit with the other attendees that were around. Lots of really quality people. Had a great time!

I have pictures of Chicago

I have tons of pictures of Chicago, including some stunning pics of the above landmarks. I look forward to sharing them sometime soon. Unfortunately not now… too much to do to prepare for tomorrow’s sessions at the Perry Marshall event.

I couldn’t help myself, though, to include this one…..


Check back soon for more updates and pics,

Tim :)

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Joyanna September 24, 2012 at 12:33 am

Glad you’re enjoying yourself… I agree with the pitch, waste of time and inappropriate. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


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