77 Free Marketing Lessons

by Tim Francis on November 19, 2013

Much of a company’s success depends on carefully creating and managing their USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  If you have a weak, insufficient (or non-existent!) USP, your business is in trouble.

So for the next couple of months I’m going to be taking a break from podcasting to focus on re-defining the USP for Tim Francis Marketing and the 1000% Marketing Podcast.

So far I’ve recorded 77 (!) profit-packed marketing lessons. They’re free to listen to and grow your business with. Just click here to see the archive on iTunes: 1000% Marketing Club Podcast. Download a few to your computer or smartphone and get tons of new ideas to increase sales over the coming year.

While you’re on iTunes, be sure to subscribe to my podcast channel.  As a subscriber you’ll automatically receive notification when I do publish new episodes.

Onwards & Upwards,

Tim :)

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Janice January 16, 2014 at 3:06 pm

Hi Tim
I just found your podcast today and enjoyed listening to more than 3 of them today. I was impressed that even someone like you had to convene and consider their niche. I am doing just that! Looking to gain some much needed insight and foresight. I wish you well in your search and I’ll look forward to hearing more about your success as it comes nearer. Until then, I plan on learning a lot from you from all the other podcasts I’ll get to listen to over the next few weeks! Onward and Upward to you, too, Tim!


Tim Francis January 16, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Hi Janice,

Thanks for the kind words, and for taking a moment to reply. Much appreciated :)

Like the shoemaker with holes in his soles, I’ve been able to help lots of clients grow their businesses (including finding and building their niches / USP), yet haven’t fully done so myself… hypocrisy! Haha. I’ve got a few hunches which I’m working on now and I’ll be sure to update my site when things take shape.

I checked out your site – http://www.mindlegacy.com/. I wasn’t sure who you were speaking to – parents of children abusing drugs, or Ohio professionals who want to earn continuing education credits. But I’m sure once you can get your niche and messaging straightened out you’ll be off to the races.

So yes, we’re in the same boat… figuring out who (specifically!) we are speaking to.


Tim :)


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