Your All-Crucial Quarterly Review

by Tim Francis on October 3, 2013

Doing a regular Quarterly Review has been massive for my business.  A month is too short, and semi-annual is too long.  But every 13 weeks (quarter) is absolutely perfect.

In this episode I share the precise layout of my quarterly review, including the specific headings and categories I use.  Listen to the description in the podcast below, or scroll down to see the format.


  • Financial
    • Revenue, cashflow, whatever hard numbers are meaningful to you
  • Professional Achievements and Milestones
    • Breaking a sales record, launching a new marketing campaign, finally submitting your taxes
  • Education & Professional Development
    • Courses, Seminars, Memberships, and Mentors
      • Weekend events, workshops, seminar you attend.  Mentors / coaches / consultants you’re learning from.  Monthly memberships you hold.
    • Books
      • Books you’ve read
    • People
      • Significant people you’ve met.  Significant people you’ve continued to work with.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Anything else significant that happened.  An example from my life: “This quarter I did a better job of setting realistic goals.”


  • Family
    • The relationships in your family.  Mom, dad, BF, GF, husband, wife, kids, uncles aunts, etc.
  • Romantic / Relationship
    • The romantic, dating, partner, etc, part of your life.
  • Home Life (The Business of Home)
    • The operations of your home.  Did you paint the deck?  Buy a new fridge?  Renew your mortgage?  Get a new roommate?
  • Friends & Random Fun
    • The friendships in your life.  And/or any recreation, travel, fun nights out.
  • Health & Fitness
    • Notes about your physical fitness, exercise program, diet, illnesses, diagnosis, stress levels, life balance, sleep, etc.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Anything not covered above.  Also, because so much of my financial focus is on my business, I put personal financial items here.

Awareness is the first step towards celebrating what we’re doing well, and also in making any change in life.  Hopefully the above sections are thought-provoking and help you get additional awareness in most / all areas of life.

Onward & Upward,

Tim :)

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