Does Google Adwords Actually Work?

by Tim Francis on February 25, 2012

What is Google Adwords?

When you search something on Google, there are results in the right column. Those are paid for by advertisers / business owners to be there. Based on what you typed into the search box, Google will show you relevant results in the middle of the page – known as “organic” results – and will also show you paid ads in the right sidebar (Google Adwords).

There’s actually a second kind of Google Adwords, called Adsense, or the “Display Network”. When you are cruising the ‘net there are Google Ads that are embedded on tons of different pages. For example, ads on YouTube. Many blogs embed Google Ads in the sidebar of their site; these blog owners subscribe with Google and give Google permission to show ads in specific spots on their blog. Then the blogger gets a percentage of ad revenue from clicks that happen by visitors of the blog.

Does Google Adwords really work?

One of my clients is a Trucking School. Without Google Adwords, they were getting 1.4 people / day signing up for their offer (new leads). When we added Google Adwords, they spiked to 2.79 new leads / day. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s essentially doubling the number of new leads, which is powerful for lead generation. Consider that over the course of a year – it’s a jump from 511 leads per year, all the way up to 1,018 new leads. Yikes!

Google Adwords doesn’t work for everyone. More often than not, the tool (Adwords) is only as good as it’s operator. Get good at it, and you could have powerful lead generation for your business.

Hope that helps,

Tim :)

P.S. In the video above, I show a real Adwords account in action. I sped up 20 minutes of live Adwords action into 45 seconds or so. You’ll see that in 20 minutes it got exactly 500 impressions. That’s 500 real-life exposures to real people around the world. Technology these days is amazing!

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