Amp Up Your Ads Quickly – the Conversion Trinity

by Tim Francis on February 14, 2013

Struggling to compose a headline, email broadcast, or pick the right angle for an ad?

Here’s a really handy tool from Bryan Eisenberg to get your target customer clicking, calling, and buying:

The Conversion Trinity

This little beauty basically says that all good ads, emails, print ads, etc., should have these three crucial elements:

Relevance: your message / offer must be relevant to the recipient

Value: your message / offer must be of value to the recipient

Call to Action: your message / offer must make a clear call to action

…and I would go one step further and add:

Easy to Understand: the ad must be in plain, grade 4 language

Example of the Conversion Trinity in Action

Dr. Smith Seminar Coming:  Learn how you can enhance your integumentary system!

This viloates all 4 of the rules above.

Let’s make it more understandable:

Dr. Smith Seminar Coming: Learn how to improve your skin!

Let’s add relevance and value:

Learn to Heal your Cracked, Chapped Skin in 60 Minutes

 Then we would make sure that the ad body (email body, video message, etc) outlined the date and time of the seminar, as well as exactly how people can register (e.g. call xxx-xxx-xxxx).

Sorry, You Probably Aren’t that Important

Unless Dr. Smith is a super-celebrity (i.e. would appear on Oprah) most likely their name alone – Dr. Smith – would be insufficient to pull people out to an event.

Only exception I can think of is if there’s a strong personal connection between Dr. Smith and the reader / recipient.  E.g. if Dr. Smith was my personal doctor, and (s)he invited me to an event, I would consider it.

But a mass advertisement, or any message (e.g. email broadcast) to people that have a less-than-strong relationship with me requires a different angle… we need to hit ’em between the eyes.

Make no mistake – the fact that Dr. Smith is a doctor certainly adds credibility (and is important as a supporting fact in the ad) – but the name alone isn’t compelling enough.

Ignite their Ruthless Self-Interest

We need to rub a raw nerve in our target customer.  Think of their ruthless little self-interest.  What would make them drop everything and take action immediately?

That’s why I suggested “Learn to Heal Your Cracked, Chapped Skin in 60 Minutes” – it’s pure self-interest.

We could certainly build out this example further, and certainly make further improvements, but as far as quick fixes, you can see that this simple tool – the Conversion Trinity – has improved the initial headline substantially.

Hope that helps!

Tim :)

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