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by Tim Francis on October 31, 2013

At our Profit Factory event last month I learned more about Nyssa Cromwell of

Nyssa said she’d had good success with blog marketing, i.e. writing blog posts containing a combination of helpful tips and well-chosen keywords too.  The keywords and content push your blog post up on Google’s rankings, thus attracting visitors to your website.  If your content is good, visitors may want to know more, thus opting-in to your email capture form and allowing you to grow your list.

Despite putting up two blog posts per week, I haven’t paid much attention to this kind of marketing (hmm?), so I interviewed her to see what I could learn.  Listen to the interview below, and/or read the interview notes below.

Here are Nyssa’s tips…

How To Use Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important tools for getting people to your website.  However, you need to put the keywords into your SEO that people are actually searching for, not just what you THINK they are searching for.

To use keywords properly you must do some research to find out exactly how people search for your product/service.

We tend to get comfortable using professional terms in our business circles.  The key is to remember that your clients and customers will be searching under layman’s terms.

How Do You Find the Right Keywords?  

If you do a word or phrase search in Google, look for any suggested searches Google may offer.  Often Google will also provide related terms.  Google also has a keyword tool, but you must sign up for an Adwords account to use this tool.  (You can bypass the credit card part of signing up and as long as you don’t post any ads, you will be able to use the tool for free.)

Nyssa suggests using  You can search by keyword and it will give you a list of suggestions, which you can use in your keywords.

Nyssa’s Ninja Trick

Questions are great to use in your blog or on your website.  A lot of people will search questions instead of just a keyword.  The most common questions are: What, When, Where, Why, How & Can.

Using you can search for common ways a keyword is being searched.  For example searching: what * marketing * will result in the most common questions people are searching for using “what” and “marketing”.  (The asterisks represent any word between what and marketing and any word after marketing.)

How to Know If Your Keywords are Working

Nyssa also suggests you install Google Analytics and/or CrazyEgg onto your website so you can track how well your website is working.  These tools will tell you how many visitors you have to your website, how long they stayed on a page, what they were searching for when they found your site, and what they clicked on while on your website.  When a searcher leaves your site without getting what they were searching for, also called “bouncing”, it means you need to rework the articles and content on your pages so they can more easily find what they are searching for.

Often all it takes is a little reworking and/or rewriting articles based on how people are searching for the content.

For more details listen to the podcast below or contact Nyssa at

Onwards & Upwards!

Tim :)

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