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How Kiva Works

Click here to get started with $25 FREE dollars

Reasons I Contribute to Kiva

Technically Kiva isn’t a “charity”; when you contribute it’s legally a loan to an entrepreneur in a 3rd-world country.  That entrepreneur is expected to pay the loan back.

1. Buearucracy and Bribes: I hate when donations get eaten up by bureaucracy and bribes – all Kiva funds go to your chosen entrepreneur.  Yes, you get to see the profiles of the entrepreneurs you’ll be contributing to.

2. Handouts Usually Erode Character: I seriously question “charity”.  I prefer to give a “hand up” instead of a “handout”.  Teach a man to fish.  (Choose your analogy.)

Kiva is a loan not a handout to 3rd-world businesses.  Borrowers are expected to pay back all loans.  They upgrade their machinery, buy more inventory (or whatever) and are now bigger, stronger, businesses.  They repay the loan from new cashflow.  The loan ends (is repaid), but the cashflow remains.

This arrangement builds the character and confidence of an entrepreneur.  Instead of building a success “strategy” for themselves where the gameplan is to beg for charity, they become self-sufficient.  This builds character instead of neutering it.

Call me a patronizing, First-World Elitist, but it’s my money so I’ll use it to incentivize the behaviour I think is most productive, based on my observations of the human condition (irrespective of age, race, country, religion, sex, or belief system.)

3. Growing Communities and Countries:  Tell me, what country has ever been “charitied” (charity-ed) out of poverty?  On the other hand, look at the rise of the japanese economy from 1900s to today.  Production is the answer.  Countries, communities, individuals – whether overseas or here in North America – only ever “produce” their way out of hardship.

4. Only Donation That Multiplies Itself:  Once the 3rd-world entrepreneur pays back the loan, I get my money back and can contribute that money to a 2nd entrepreneur, then a 3rd, 4th, and so on.  A $25 contribution turns into $50, then $75, then $100…. with only $25 invested by me.  NICE.  The only donation I can think of with more overall leverage is to a political party.

5. It’s super easy to get started.  I started with a $25 contribution.  You can too…

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Join the Tim Francis Marketing “Lending Team”

Our donations get totalled and our team gets recognized as a group for making a difference.

This is how to join my lending team:

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