Best Way to Choose a Logo? Business Name? Domain Name?

by Tim Francis on November 17, 2012

A colleague of mine recently asked for my opinion on some logos he was developing.

“Which do you like best?” he asked.

I didn’t even look at the logos.  I’m not in his target market, so it makes no sense to get my opinion at this stage.

Instead, I suggested:

Hello X (name removed for confidentiality),

– look at your market’s most-valued themes.  I’m guessing for you it would fall in the areas of x, y, z (removed for confidentiality).  But I’m just guessing off the top of my head.

– look at your market’s preferred language.  One client I helped exemplifies how important this is…. her business is related to eyecare.  I discovered that – in her case – the word “eyesight” was searched-for on Google 5x more than “vision”.  Verbally, people used both “eyesight” and “vision”, but for searching propsects were 5x more likely to use “eyesight.”  So we built her website specifically on a domain that includes “eyesight” instead of “vision”.  Arguably she’ll get 400% more traffic just because of this single, subtle-yet-powerful distinction.

– lastly, I find it incredibly naive and irritatingly egotistical when someone picks a logo or business name because they like it, or it feels good, or any other intangible reason like that.  Tim Ferriss put his ego and preferences aside when choosing his book’s title.  In Pay-Per-Click tests, “The 4-Hour Workweek” clearly out-pulled “Drug Dealing for Fun and Profit” (latter was his preferred title).  Seeing as people really do judge a book by it’s cover, he’s quite glad he responsibly followed his research data.  So I encourage you to get market feedback… doesn’t have to be complicated, but solicit the opinion of your (prospective) buyers somehow.

….take those three angles into consideration and use them as your compass in making your selection.

Hope that helps,

Tim :)

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